Squawk: A Book of Bird Adventures brings a zany, lush perspective to the timeless genre of stories about animals, in sixteen illustrated stories written for children aged 8-12 and the whole family. These are hilarious, immersive tales that stay with you, as the birds take readers across the limitless, rich world of their imaginations. 

Lorna Collins’s lived experience of trauma and illness stimulates sub-narratives in Squawk about mental health and wellness. The birds are diverse characters; in their mind-bending adventures, they overcome obstacles and emerge anew. Following these antics allows readers to build emotional resilience.

The characters in Squawk are compelling, convincing and prodigiously imaginative. We meet Flo the flamingo, who is a performance artist. When none of the other flamingos understand Flo’s strange passion and persistence, doing strange things and calling it ‘art’, Flo flies away to become a Buddhist nun. Dirk the wood duck is a highly-esteemed member of society, the local Scout leader. But Dirk is in fact a secret agent, a spy. He has a completely different agenda. Will anyone find out? Cleopatra the goose is an entrepreneur. She manages the successful record label, ‘Honk’. So far, her singers have reached number 234 in the charts. Things are about to change. Joan III is a Rhode Island Red hen, who lives inside a cramped hairdryer factory in Mumbai, India. Joan III trains to become the world’s first ‘therapy hen’, but she is very unhappy. Will she escape?

Squawk can be ordered from Amazon here: https://amzn.eu/d/hxsLjEg

So far, Squawk‘s media successes include being number one in‘Hot New Releases in Short Stories for Young Adults’ on Amazon. It starred in the ‘Discover February Highlights’, The Bookseller. Squawk has featured in numerous interviews on BBC radio stations and national and international podcasts, and a feature in Woman & Home magazine. More on the horizon!

Brilliant reviews include words by the brilliant Michael Rosen, who says:

“Lorna Collins’ book is a flight of fancy. She has enriched the world of talking animals that has delighted people for 1000s of years but now we have an updated aviary jostling about in the modern world taking us in many different directions – some surreal, some absurd, some grounded in reality – all fascinating.”

Emma Woolf also commented on Squawk, saying:

“A riot of colour and avian anecdotes, Squawk is a glorious and uplifting collection of bird adventures from start to finish.”

Please contact Lorna if you would like her to speak (or squawk) about her stories at your school, university, library or community group. Sessions can be tailored for your needs. She offers a stimulating, creative storytelling workshop, where we invent a story together, which evolves in unpredictable and adventurous directions. She also talks about how writing stories and painting help her make sense of her own unusual experiences, and show how art supports good mental health.

News from Squawk launch events:

Meaningful Conversation – Telling stories: the brain, trauma and creativity” 08/03/23

This “Meaningful Conversation” brought together experts on the brain, creativity and storytelling to talk about the effects of telling stories and being creative on the brain and our mental health. Former Children’s Laureate and renowned storyteller Michael Rosen spoke with world-leading neuropsychiatrist Professor Tony David and neurodiverse author/artist Lorna Collins. We responded to Lorna’s new book: Squawk: A Book of Bird Adventures, asking how storytelling and creativity can support brain health and heal trauma.

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