·      2017. ‘Mulvey, patriarchy and gender: expression and disruption in visual art’ in New Review of Film and Television Studies Vol. 15 , Iss. 4, Special Issue on Laura Mulvey.

·       2017.  Making Sense: Art Practice and Transformative Therapeutics. London: Bloomsbury. Reprint in paperback.

·      2015. Crisis and The Un/Making of Sense: Art as Schizoanalysis (with Leon Tan).

·       2015. ‘Together at the limit: Jean-Luc Nancy, art and community’ in ‘Nancy and Visual Culture’. Edinburgh University Press.

2015. ‘Classe Relais: On therapy as a technique of the self’ in Making Sense 3: On Beauty, Creativity and Healing. Peter Lang USA.

·       2014. Making Sense: Art Practice and Transformative Therapeutics. London: Bloomsbury.

·       2014. Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Visual Art (co-editor with Ian Buchanan, I am the author of 2 chapters). London: Bloomsbury.

·       2013 Making Sense 2: Merging Theory and Practice (co-editor with Bandy Lee, I am the author of introduction and 1 chapter). Oxford: Peter Lang.

·       2011 Making Sense 1: For an Effective Aesthetics (co-editor, I am the author of Introduction and 1 chapter: ‘Making sense of territory: the painting event’) Oxford: Peter Lang.

Articles published

Publications for ‘The Independent’

·           21/12/06   ‘David Smith, Sculptures’ review of ‘David Smith, Sculptures’, Tate Modern

·           22/07/06   ‘Passion’ preview of Festival at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

·           10/06/06   ‘Howard Hodgkin’ preview of this retrospective at Tate Britain.

·           10/06/06   ‘Marcel Breuer – Design and Architecture’  preview of this exhibition at ‘The Lighthouse’, Glasgow.

Publications for ‘The Southwark News’ (the Art Criticism column)

·           06/11/08     ‘Rothko blockbuster at Tate Modern’ review of ‘Rothko’, Tate Modern.

·           25/09/08     ‘Sizzling bacon’ review of ‘Francis Bacon’, Tate Britain.

·           22/01/08     ‘There’s a Crack in the Tate’ review of ‘Louise Bourgeois’, Tate Modern.

·           26/07/07     ‘The film of Dalí’ review of ‘Dalí and Film’, Tate Modern.

·           22/07/07     ‘Blind Light at The Hayward’  review of ‘Antony Gormley; Blind Light’, Hayward Gallery.

·           22/03/07     ‘The Dirty World of Gilbert & George’ review of ‘Gilbert and George: Major Exhibition’, Tate Modern.

·           01/03/07     ‘Treasure trove from nothing’ review of ‘John Armleder: About Nothing’, South London Gallery.

·           24/01/07     ‘Protest lost at Tate Britain’ review of ‘State Britain’ at Tate Britain.

·           12/10/06     ‘Steamroller Flattens Turner Prize’  review of Turner Prize, Tate Britain.

·           28/09/06     ‘Building Blocks’ review of ‘Martin Blake; Constructed Paintings’, the Sassoon Gallery.

·           28/09/06     ‘A damn good Hood in the Wood!’ review of ‘Hood in the Wood’, the Unicorn Theatre.

·           14/09/06     ‘Improve the world in 60 years’ review of ‘How to Improve the World’, Hayward Gallery.

·           10/08/06     ‘This is why We Love Peckham’ review of ‘I Love Peckham’ festival, Peckham.

·           10/08/06     ‘Oz has a buzz’ review of ‘Oz’, Unicorn Theatre.

·           04/08/06     ‘I love Peckham, do you?’ preview of ‘I Love Peckham’ Festival, Peckham.

·           26/07/06     ‘Passion for paint’ review of ‘Passion for paint’, National Gallery.

·           21/07/06     ‘Love and death blown up’ review of Bill Viola, Haunch of Venison.

·           21/07/06     ‘Is this how contemporary artists party?’ review of Pierre Huyghe, Albert Oehlen, Tate Modern, Whitechapel.

·           20/07/06     ‘Celebration or hangover?’ review of ‘Pierre Huyghe, Celebration Park’, Tate Modern.

·           06/06/06     ‘Kandinsky’s colourful Spirit’ review of ‘Kandinsky: The Path to Abstraction’, Tate Modern.

·           06/06/06     ‘Queasy colours’ review of Howard Hoddgkin, Tate Britain.

·           22/06/06     ‘A rich Rembrandt’ review of ‘Rembrandt & Co, Dealing in Masterpieces’, Dulwich Picture Gallery.

·           15/06/06      ‘Holding life in your hands’ review of Graeme Miller, Dilston Grove.

·           15/06/06      ‘Visions of Nature’ review of Suran Derges, Purdy Hicks Gallery.

·           08/06/06      ‘Constable: The Great Landscapes’ review of ‘Constable: The Great Landscapes’ at Tate Britain.

·           02/06/06      ‘Another new world?’ review of ‘Modernism, Designing a New World’ at V&A.

·           02/06/06      ‘A play for pirates!’ review of ‘Treasure Island’, Unicorn Theatre.

·           01/06/06      ‘Do you want to go around the world?’ review of ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ at SLG, ICA.

·           24/05/06      ‘Irish Visions’ review of ‘Other Visions’, Purdy Hicks Gallery.

·           24/05/06      ‘Artists show us inside art’ review of ‘Inside/Outside’ from ‘Artists Show Art’.

·           18/05/06      ‘Undercover Surrealism’ review of ‘Undercover Surrealism’, Hayward Gallery.

·           12/05/06      ‘Artists Show Art’ preview of Inside/Outside’ from Artists Show Art.

·           11/05/06      ‘Temporal Moments at the Cafe Gallery’ review of Kabir Hussain’s ‘Temporal Moments’.

·           5/05/06        ‘Outside is in!’ review of ‘Inner Worlds Outside’, Whitechapel Gallery.

·           27/04/06      ‘Is this the New World?’ review of ‘Albers and Moholy-Nagy…the new world’, Tate Modern.

·           21/04/06      ‘The London Group in Southwark’ review of the London Group Festival.

·           4/04/06        ‘Cooltan Arts: A Safe Place’ review of Cooltan Arts Exhibition and Gallery

·                  06/04/06      ‘A Portrait of Everything? review of Nigel Cooke, South London Gallery.

·           30/03/06      ‘Nature Studies’ review of Neeta Madahar, Purdy Hicks Gallery.

·           30/03/06      ‘Dissecting the natural world’ review of Zoe Benbow, the Café Gallery.

·           23/3/06        ‘Go Play Antarctica!’ review of Play Antarctica, the Unicorn Theatre.

·           24/02/06      ‘The Seduction of Destruction’ review of Gothic Nightmares, Tate Britain.

·           16/02/06      ‘The Art of Light’ review of Dan Flavin, Hayward Gallery.

·           16/02/06      ‘Gallipoli’ review of Tony Linforth-Hall, Gallery 33.

·           09/02/06      ‘Where’s the well?’ review of Daniel Roth, South London Gallery.

Publications elsewhere

·       07/15 ‘Cartesian Dullism’ in The Dull.

·       05/11 ‘The Department of Wrong Answers’ in A-N magazine.

·       07/10 ‘Making Restorative Sense with Deleuzian Morality, Art Brut and the Schizophrenic’ in Deleuze Studies, Edinburgh University Press. July 2010, Vol. 4, No. 2 : pp. 234-255.

·       01/10 ‘The Wild Being of Louise Bourgeois: Merleau-Ponty in the Flesh’ in Romance Studies Vol. 28 No. 1, pp.47-56.

·       01/09 ‘Animated’ review of show at Wysing Arts Center, for A-N magazine.

·       07/08 ‘Sensations spill a Deluge over the Figure’ in Deleuze Studies, Edinburgh University Press.

Aug. 2007 ‘Michael Kucera, ‘Shadows’, press release for exhibition 1-30/11/ 07; the third of ‘Openings’ series, for Full Circle Contemporary Art Consultancy.

·    July 2007 ‘The Grand Tour: Summer 2007: Melancholia in Europe’—a commentary on The Grand Tour across Europe, and what this showed about the world and/of contemporary art, commissioned by Dr. Francis O’Connor, published on his online journal:

·    July 2007 ‘Peter Clossick: In Touch’ – short essay put forward on press release for Peter Clossick’s exhibition, ‘In Touch’, at the Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution, 6-19/07/07

·    April 2007 – a critical biography of Allen Barker, as a contemporary modernist painter.

·    Mar. 2007 AN Magazine, The Artists Information Company, p. 8 review ‘Hot off the Press 7’, New Academy Gallery

·    Feb. 2007 – interactive debate launched as a result of radio broadcast ‘Why do we need Modernism now?’

·    28/09/06 – the Artists Information Company, ‘Martin Blake: Constructed Paintings’

·    29/10/06 – the Artists Information Company, ‘Blurred Certainty’, Jerwood Space

·    30/10/06 ‘Blurred Certainty’, photography exhibition at the Jerwood Space

Radio broadcasting

·    09/07/07 ‘What is art today? Part 2’, broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM and, continuing live coverage from The Grand Tour, reporting from Basel, Documenta and Muenster, with consideration on what these shows had to say about the world and contemporary art. This programme is archived at:

·    10/06/07 ‘Preview, La Biennale di Venezia’ on Resonance 104.4FM, live reportage of the Biennale as part of a series covering the art fairs across the continent in June 2007. This programme is archived at:

·    07/02/07    ‘Why do we need Modernism now’ on Resonance 104.4FM. This programme is archived at

Published poet

  • 2017-18. Survivor, memoirs being written and prepared, publication forthcoming.
  • 2017-18. Being Sedated, anthology of poems being prepared, publication forthcoming.
  • Autumn 2015 ‘Tricks of the Mind’, in Battersea Review.
  • February 2015 “Dull’ in The Dull
  • February 2013 ‘And I quote’, published on Inky Needles (international poetry, philosophy and art website)
  • May 2013 ‘JEu du coeur’ published in Squeaky Wheels



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