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Publications for The British Medical Journal:

Publications for The Guardian:

Publications for The Independent:

  • 2/09/19. ‘Through Thick and Thin’, (eating disorders + obesity crisis, Long Read, Independent Premium).
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(Selected) Other articles:

Publications for The Southwark News (the Art Criticism column):

  • 06/11/08 ‘Rothko blockbuster at Tate Modern’, review of ‘Rothko’, Tate Modern.
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Published poetry:

  • October 2020. ‘The Morning’ in Drawn to the Light, 1.
  • June 2020. ‘The Bluebells’ Lockdown’ in Poems For a Pandemic. London: Harper Collins. (Best selling anthology)
  • June 2020. Featured in Elliot’s Face magazine, Jesus College, Cambridge.
  • April 2019. ‘Chromopathos’, in Arts and Letters, Issue 1, Cambridge, USA.
  • 2019-20. Being Sedated, anthology of poems being prepared, publication forthcoming.
  • Autumn 2015. ‘Tricks of the Mind’, in Battersea Review.
  • February 2015. “Dull’ in The Dull 1.
  • February 2013. ‘And I quote’, in Inky Needles.
  • May 2013. ‘JEu du coeur’, in Squeaky Wheels.