Art Bomb

An explosion of creativity

I went up to Doncaster, for the premier of a film I made (“Writing the World Backwards”) and an exhibition. I was invited to be a discussant in the forum. Mike Stubbs, the curator, gave me a microphone and said: “Speak”. I made something up. Actually, it wasn’t made up. I spoke about my experiences and my values. Boom…

I found it strangely liberating to be able to express myself, off the cuff. Narcissism? Nonsense? Possibly both of these. In any case, it was very enjoyable and stimulating. People seemed to find what I said useful.

The ArtBomb festival was exciting and inspiring. I met some really interesting people, and saw some brilliant art.

“What next? Over the next five years, what are you going to do?” asked Kevin Parkinson, CEO of First Steps Eating Disorders. Yes, I do have a five year plan. A ten year plan, even. But to say it out loud might twist fate, so it couldn’t happen. Can’t take the risk… But the future is not about fate, or luck. It takes visionary dreams and very hard work! I currently have both (dreams, and the capacity to work hard!)…so who knows… (Watch this space!)


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