Turning a full circle

I decided to leave an implosive, becoming-dismal career in academia and return to my former passion with the horses. This decision was not taken lightly, since I had spent over 10 years away from the horses due to extraordinary, unrepeatable circumstances.

But here I am. Happy, at home, at last. In love with galloping across the countryside, with my horse Patch’s white whiskers and his soft, delightfully hairy ears:


I train (always), compete (increasingly often) and win (sometimes). This fulfils an old destiny, which I thought had been lost and destroyed (utterly) forever. How lucky I am. How happy I am. Here, right here, with the horses in the country.

I’m setting up a new career on this situation: I teach riders and horses of all abilities and ages. I also tutor students for exam tips, essays-techniques and interview practice. Please contact me if you need my help. My email is: lornacollins1@googlemail.com.



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