Writing in verse is another outlet for my main project of Making Sense: Art Practice and Transformative Therapeutics. Words rush and gush out, from somewhere indeterminate inside me. I allow these words to lilt in their intimate rhythm with the page. The resultant patch of poetry (if I can call it that) then expresses something true about the moment in time I currently (try to) inhabit. My aim is to develop my writing skills and expand my publications in this form of writing. There are several possibilities for seeing my poems in print in the pipeline; I hope to establish a readership and expand my writing style. In the meantime, I continue to open out the sometimes dazzling, other times murky and threatening sense of truth that reveals itself when I write poems. Here are a couple, written a few years ago. My most recent poems are being considered for publication so I can’t put them on this webpage at present. Watch this space!



And I quote



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