My body is a temple

David J Green photography

When I see my reflection now

there is no vile rejection row

with putrid dire perfection vows

that only left me growls and blows.

Now I glow.

Gentle dimples rumple up

the flesh that sits upon my butt

and nourishes my face – a jut

that’s cut above the rut

since I can strut with guts

to skip across the sunshine.

Not whining of the smut I felt

but straining for the fit I get

the joy I jet

the toys I sweat

emitting pure redemption.

I quit the pit of darkness

and spit out threats of heartless

wrecks to pander whet effects

which nourish my true whole.

Flourishing with soul my goal

is strolling with audacity,

increasing my capacity,


and charge.

More large,

I barge

and surge,

thankful of my urge to forge

a reverence for surging

in this purely living body.


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