Artistic vision in words

My paintings show how the act of creating art becomes a method of existing and making sense of life. My PhD thesis concerned an academic and theoretical quest of trying to understand how and why creating an artwork has a transformative agency. The paintings and interdisciplinary colloquia that form my output as an artist are the enactment of this agency. From the strict figurative linear forms, bursting into tactile hallucinations of schizo-affective disorder, through experiments with colour and bursting beams of light, my oeuvres continually narrate and experiment with my life experiences. Art provides a making sense of these experiences, which have taken me to the gates of hell bound fury, a black hole of total amnesia following brain damage, and the birth of the essence of light and life, which is desire, pleasure and the body.

Making Sense lies at the forefront of my vision. This is a loose and expanding collective of artists and thinkers engaged in ‘making sense’, who have gathered in response to my research and art practice, to develop an act of reflection that is at once conceptual, sensual, accessible, and transdisciplinary.  This movement has a common striving to cross between modes of theory and praxis and to find a common language in the contemporary context.  I have organized yearly colloquia in collaboration with philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy at the University of Cambridge; with philosopher Bernard Stiegler in 2010 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris; with Elaine Scarry, at the Whitney Humanities Center at Yale. This year we are at The Metropolitan Museum, New York, with Robert Storr. These colloquia draw together a creative community of thinkers and practitioners engaged in the worlds of art, aesthetic philosophy, contemporary theory, psychiatry and psychology who communicate and collaborate in new dimensions and media to produce a language and knowledge that is sensuous, invigorating, accessible and politically active.

In between my painting practice and the powerful and provocative Making Sense events that I organise, the works in my portfolio show the search for an affective and structural essence of existence, and a process which holds my existence together and offers a method of understanding the various new dimensions that are revealed to me when I create.



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