Assembling my portfolio

commission 2004 2

Pencil on paper, A3, 2004.

‘Darkness Clings (tactile hallucinations)’

Pencil on paper, A4, 2010.


Expressions with watercolour, pencil, ink and emotions on A5 sketchpad


‘Saisir sur le vif’, daffodil and wax, A3, 2010.

Cotton thread on paper, A4, 2010.

 Acrylic on paper, A4, 2011.


 Crystal watercolour pigment and acrylic on paper, A4.

‘Touched with Fire’, watercolour, acrylic, charcoal and pastel onboard, 50 cm x 80 cm, 2009.
Crystal watercolour pigment, coffee, sand and PVA glue on paper, A4, 2012.


Acrylic and crystal watercolour pigment on paper, A5, 2012.


Acrylic and crystal watercolour pigment on paper, A5, 2012.


Acrylic and crystal watercolour pigment on paper, A5, 2012.


Event – the second Making Sense colloquium (this poster is also one of my paintings).

Making Sense lies at the forefront of my vision. This is a loose and expanding collective of artists and thinkers engaged in ‘making sense’, who have gathered in response to my research and art practice, to develop an act of reflection that is at once conceptual, sensual, accessible, and transdisciplinary.  This movement has a common striving to cross between modes of theory and praxis and to find a common language in the contemporary context.  I have organized yearly colloquia to found a junction between theory and practice, in collaboration with philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy at the University of Cambridge; with philosopher Bernard Stiegler in 2010 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris; last year, with Elaine Scarry, at the Whitney Humanities Center at Yale, and in 2012 with David Black. These colloquia draw together thinkers and artists engaged in the worlds of art, aesthetic philosophy, contemporary theory, and psychiatry/psychology to provide live source material for debate and further research, as well as to form an interface between artistic creation, theoretical debate, and academic scholarship.


‘Threshold’, acrylic and oil on canvas, 60 cm x 45 cm, 2012.


Charcoal and crystal watercolour pigment on paper, A4, 2012.

My encounter string games
‘My encounter with String Games‘, performance with Vera Frenkel’s String Games, 2008. 

Passion oozes

‘Passion oozes’, crystal watercolour pigment, acrylic gloss medium, bleach, A4, 2013.


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